New record in data transmission over TCP

Researchers from the University of Tokyo and the US managed to improve the record for data transmission protocol TCP. Achieved a speed of 73 gigabits per second (Gbps), which is near the limit of 100 Gbps network channel. Experiments were carried out in 100-gigabit network TransPAC / Pacific Wave in an advanced protocol LFTCP (Long Fat pipe TCP). This upgrade TCP and its software allow to fully exploit the potential of 100-Gigabit networks without changing the essence of the protocol. Moreover LFTCP has an open source code available to all researchers in the world working in this area, said PC Watch. Fujitsu has developed a faster alternative to TCP.
Test systems have been installed in Tokyo and Austin, Texas - ordinary configurations Core i7-6770K processor and network card Mellanox ConnectX-4 under the operating system CentOS Linux 7.1. Performance is measured with the package iperf3. Transmitting system used protocol LFTCP, and host - a simple TCP. The delay in passing the signal from side to side and back is 296 milliseconds, and the distance between Austin and Tokyo is 21,153 km. The results of the experiment allow to understand what path should be developed global network to transmit more data and be faster access to the Web. One of the projects of the University of Tokyo in biology generates a stream of data at a speed of more than 50 Gbps, so LFTCP technology can meet the needs of scientists.