Facebook stops advertising money if you share fake news on the social network

Facebook has announced new measures to combat the fake news that is spreading across the social platform. This time, the company will hit where it hurts the most: revenue. Pages that periodically share or post news that is clear that they are untrue will not be able to advertise on Facebook. In this way, the company stops the revenue stream from advertising, which is one of the most beneficial reasons to be active in the social networking.
The company hopes this will reduce the rate of spreading false news as pages will not have the incentive to share them so much. Whether a given material is reliable or not will be decided by independent external evaluators. 
"This will help break the economic initiative to distribute untrue content, which is another step towards building a more informed Facebook community," the company said. 
According to her, most of these news are financially motivated. Fraudsters make money by presenting to well-known media and organizations, and publishing fraudulent titles that make users visit their sites, where they mostly have ads.

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