The Radeon E9170 GPU supports several 4K display

The new built-in graphics chip is based on the Polaris architecture. AMD has released a series of embedded graphics processors Radeon E9170, which are the company's first Embedded products based on Polaris architecture. Chips are made in the form of a multi-chip module (MCM) with integrated memory for smaller, energy-saving customized devices as well as PCI Express and MXM formats for standard form factor systems.
The E9170 series graphics processors are positioned for use in products that require high-quality graphics and multi-display capabilities, while also having low power consumption and minimizing heat. With the new processors, AMD is expanding its graphics technology into a variety of industries such as digital casino games, thin clients, medical imaging equipment, video displays / video walls and industrial systems.
The AMD Embedded Radeon E9173 GPU, based on Polaris architecture and built on an optimized 14-nan FinFET process, delivers up to 3 times better watt performance compared to the previous generation AMD Embedded GPUi. With its compact size and TDP under 40W, the chip will find its way into a wide range of products, supporting simultaneous operation with up to five 4K displays and virtually eliminating the need for additional processors and duplicating hardware. The choice of form factors - MCM, MXM and PCI Express modules - increases the flexibility of application of the new processor and reduces the complexity of the systems, says AMD. Among the potential uses of the E9173 are digital casino games, thin clients, medical displays, information displays and video screens as well as industrial displays in airplanes or industrial environments.
The E9170 GPU series processors achieve a performance of 1.25 TFLOPS at less than 40W TDP, support 4K HEVC / H.265ii and AVC / H.264 decoding and coding for up to 5 displays, HDMI 2.0 and / or DisplayPort 1.4 and 4GB of memory (128-bit GDDR5). The E9170 in PCI Express and MXM formats are on the market this month and the MCM is expected in November, AMD said.

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