ARM has a new platform for smartphones and tablets midrange

ARM has a new platform for smartphones and tablets midrange

With the new system on a chip ARM Cortex-A17, which is 60% faster and more efficient than outdated chip Cortex-A9, smartphones and tablets in the $ 200 segment will be faster and offer longer life Battery

Yesterday the British company ARM announced a new energy efficient system on a chip (SoC), which promises to make smartphones and tablets midrange faster and with longer battery life. The new platform is called the ARM Cortex-A17 and according to the information is 60% faster and more efficient than outdated chip Cortex-A9 .. expected 28-nanometer processors Cortex-A17 to find the most widely used and used in all sorts of types of equipment - from smartphones and tablets to "smart" TVs and automotive multimedia systems.
The new edition is compatible with arhotektura ARM big.LITTLE, which depending on the specific tasks and allows load or achieve superior performance with minimum energy consumption.

For new processors offer several options big.LITTLE configurations. As smartphones and tablets will be used as SoC chip combining two or four cores Cortex-A17 and two or four cores Cortex-A7. I.e. top products of this type will have up to eight cores, while the processor chip can operate with a clock frequency of 1 to 2 GHz and more. For Smart TVs will offer chips with one, two and four cores Cortex-A17, as well as those with two Cortex-A17 cores, two Cortex-A7. The maximum frequency of these processors will be 2 GHz. For automotive systems will be offered big.LITTLE configurations with a core Cortex-A17.
According to official information, the new platform supports opportunities for hardware protection technology TrustZone and uses graphics accelerator Mali-T720 with support for OpenGL ES 3.0 and a number of optimizations to work with not very powerful Android devices.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that news of Cortex-A17 occurs six months after the ARM platform announced Cortex-A12, which is also designed for mid-range devices. The market for mobile devices, which is developing very rapidly, but needs new processors, as expectations for the segment include the volume of supply in this segment exceeded half a billion by 2015

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