AMD beat Intel again

The quad-core Intel Pentium N3520 quad overtook rival AMD A8-4500M in NovaBench test

If after regular news on the market of laptops hardly have missed the advent of Intel Pentium N3520. He made a serious impression with their unusual number of cores and the presence of a Turbo Boost up to 2.42GHz, which are inherent to the Pentium processor, and when you add the low price of Toshiba Satellite C55, which is currently supplied with it, things start to look too good to be true. Of course there is a catch.
Pentium N3520 is a low-voltage processor that is designed to be built into the motherboard. It is based on the architecture of the Bay Trail Intel, which is designed primarily for tablets and smartphones. The processor has an extremely low consumption of 4.5W, and when under heavy load can reach 7.5W. This means that the operating time of the battery is increased dramatically and cooling can be even passively, as in this laptop that was tested.

All these things sound very good, but what real performance is this chip? Nobody expected that productivity bshe demonstrated by this chip. Pentium N3520 definitely surprised even experts when Cinebench 11.5 out the same result with AMD A8-4500M, and in NovaBench even surpassed it by nearly 10%. Of course things turned in Photoshop test, where lagged by 8.5 seconds, but the results are definitely more than acceptable, compared with 35 watt representative of AMD. We decided to test how the games will run this CPU, but we were delighted with the results, considering the weak graphics accelerator. FIFA 13 went to Low acceptable to put VSync to 20FPS, but without reaching him 43FPS, but appeared inexplicable lag, which is fine with its release.

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