China has released a gigabit LTE video network

The project was implemented by the operators China Unicom and Eriksson. The first commercial LTE network to distribute video content has worked in China. The network operator is China Unicom, and the technology is supplied by the Swedish company Ericsson. Train passengers have provided a virtual reality video experience to convince themselves of the impressive capabilities of a high-speed mobile network that will harness the full resources of China Union and improve the operator's profitability. On 23 August high-speed train passengers on the island of Hainan watched the official network discovery ceremony with the use of high-resolution, non-buffered video distribution technologies. "People will be able to immerse themselves in video experiences and truly sense the gigabit LTE network while traveling at very high speeds," said Chris Hogton, director of North East Asia's market region in Ericsson.
Ericsson's LTE solution will radically change the delivery of video content over mobile networks, made possible by the combination of three new standards: eMBMS, HEVC (H.265) and MPEG DASH. It comes in response to the growing needs of media service users. 
Ericsson recently supported China Unicom in building a 1Gbps network in Guangdong, Hainan, Shandong and Beijing with peak speeds of up to 979 Mbps. With such a speed, downloading a 1080p HD movie takes only 13 seconds. Testing of 1Gbps networks in the provinces of Sichuan, Hubei, Shanxi, Jilin and Jiangsu continues. The high-speed mobile broadband network will enable businesses and services using artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other large data sets to be deployed. 

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