Apple shook the watch business

Apple attack the market even with 2 new original iPhone and payment service

Operating system clock is new, butbased on iOS
Three years after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple finallyunveiled a new product to maintain its reputation as a high-tech company in the world. 
On Tuesday night, current leader of the Cupertino companyTim Cook finally said iconic 
replica One more thing ..., whichJobs before time began presenting yet   another technological marvel.
This time it is a miracle clock. Since Apple has already said that "Switzerland should be worried." This is hardly the right,but the fact remains - at least Tuesday America runs its ownsmart watches. 
What is Apple Watch? It is a rectangular watch with sapphirecoating that makes it extremely strong. Operated with liftingarm. The screen is touch, but Apple felt that it should notrespond to any kind of pressure - not to include accident. What is the diagonal measurement of the screen - that Apple did not even bother to announce Tuesday. 
The company has developed a completely new interface that is consistent with the small screen size. Navigation is performed by an external switch off button, which is called Digital Crown.It's like Home button - virtually controls most functions.
The casing is made ​​of metal, as the market there will be agilded version. With 18 carat gold. Individual will have at leastthree versions - Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. The basic version will sell for 349 dollars. The watch comes with various accessories. It will work in addition to two new iPhone 6 smartphone also with iPhone 5S, 5C and 5. 
But more importantly - what does this watch except to indicatethe time. 
Above all, it has sensors that make it a perfect fitness equipment - measured steps, calories. Apple Watch has agyroscope, accelerometer sensor for pulse, information about them is collected in the applications and Fitness Workout. 
The clock can be controlled by voice, as it is an integratedvoice assistant iOS - Siri. Ie can send SMS, speaking on his watch. It will have a direct connection with the calendar andmail will notify you of SMS-es and calls. 
More interesting is a new technology that is available in Apple Watch - this is called. "digital touch." In relevant applicationholders clocks will be able to communicate with each other.We'll send short visual messages. User of a clock, for example, be able to transfer to another clock even as his pulsediagram. Something like a walkie-talkie watches. 
Interesting are the programs that developers have writtenspecifically for the watch. With one of them can be controlled via Apple TV. Tim Cook says that: "The list of functions ofApple Watch a mile." 
The watch will be ideal for navigation, but since there own GPS system will use this phone. However, this will be sufficient to receive the clock signal while driving so you know whether you should turn left and continue along the path. 
Except for Switzerland bad news for eBay and PayPal, asApple officially enters in mobile payments. Payment services in the Cupertino giant is named Apple Pay and built into new models of iPhone. Information scare investors eBay, whose shares fell 1.3 percent to 53.53 dollars. By the end of the session online trader extend losses - by 2.77 percent to 52.73dollars. 
"Apple will not know what you are buying. Transaction will be between you and your bank," a senior vice president EddyCue. Apple Pay will be available in October. In short - all yourcredit cards will be in the phone and the payment will be asclose as your smartphone device to the cashier. 
Apple introduced two phones - more iPhone 6 screen of 4.7 inches and even bigger iPhone 6 Plus with a screen of 5.5inches. 
The dimensions of the 6-ball is 138.1 x 67 mm, and the thickness is now only 6.9 mm (precursor, i.e. iPhone 5s has a thickness of 7.6 mm). The display has an IPS panel and a resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels (HD), we get a pixel density of326ppi (pixels per inch). Apple boasts that the screen can reach lighting to 500 nits. 

Apple definitely disappointed here. Resolution is lower thanQuadHD screens in LG G3 and Galaxy S5 ... 

The good news is that the other iPhone - 6 plus, there are a lotmore competitive parameters. 

Apple boasts that the new iPhone 6 performance compared tothe original model (iPhone 2G) improved goals 84 times. The company designs new self-A8 chip that works on 64-bit architecture contains two billion transistors and is 13% smaller than its predecessor A7. 

According to Apple the new model is 50% faster than the previous model. Currently there is no accurate information about the battery, but Apple memory that can hold up to 4 hours more talktime on 3G and will have one hour morewatching video compared to iPhone 5s, which is reallyimpressive. 

Dramatically improved iSight camera. Without increasedmegapixels - they remain only 8 But now has 5 different lenses and technology phase focus, which shortens the doublefocusing and shooting. This technology was previously only available in professional cameras. Besides filming the newiSight camera is able to record 240 frames per second in HD (720p) resolution. Unfortunately, iPhone 6 no optical image stabilization, only digital. Such stabilization is available in 6plus. 
The front camera allows up to 81% more light, which guarantee you perfect selfie pictures. 

The phone, of course, will work with iOS 8, ​​which has morefunctionality than design changes. (Here we should note that any holder of a new iPhone can download the new operating system next week.) 

Cost version of the iPhone 6 to 16 gigabytes contract for two years is $ 199 in USA, 64GB version costs $ 299 and the most expensive version is the one with 128GB memory, which costs $ 399. 

For the first time Apple released a model with 128GB memory.

6 prices are plus $ 100 more for each model. Price without a contract in the United States will start at $ 699.