News Oculus Connect.

When news came that Facebook acquired Oculus VR, the company behind one of the most promising devices for virtual reality come out so far, many experts and critics almost burieddevice and its future. One of those critics was as Notch,creator of Minecraft, who moved his criticism of the deal thatFacebook just are not a company that can stimulate the development of the device, because they are dealing withother things. Nice try Notch, probably so they thought, and many people, when it sold his company to Microsoft. 

But the news coming lately about Rift is not sound soapocalyptic as many assumed it would sound just six monthsafter the transaction. 

Meetings of Oculus Connect, head of Oculus VR said that so far have sold more than 100,000 copies of the old model kitdevelopers device Oculus VR. Besides of that meeting was announced premiere virtual store platform Oculus Platform Store this fall. 

The platform will help developers to develop applications andmonetize their efforts, the portal will be available throughbrowsers and applications through Samsung's Gear VR HMD.It was also announced premiere and two applications of VRdevice: Oculus Cinema and Oculus 360. addition, the conference was presented the new prototype device Crescent Bay, and also announced the launch of a new division of the company Oculus Research, Research Unit, which will take care not only for the development of Rift, but also to detect the potential of VR technology as a whole, experts from the company will work with external developers and engineers,scientists and analysts to help the technology to come from the pages of media and into our daily lives.