How to write faster on the keyboard

We live in times in which the writing of the computer keyboard is almost a daily necessity. That is why learning proper ibarzo writing klaviaturatae crucial. Not only will you be more productive and will do a quick tasks, but never lose valuable ideas and will get rid of pain in the arms and back. Therefore, many users wish to master speed typing on the keyboard. But for that you need training. Analysts CIO will give us five tips on how to write faster on the keyboard. Look at them even if you think you do not need them. It may be that they are exactly what you need.

1 Get rid of bad habits 

To get rid of your bad typing habits is probably the hardest thing to do. Probably use the same method of writing since you started to use the keyboard. If you are a FPS (First Person Shooter) gamer probably putting his left hand on the keys W, A, S and D, and may even have stronger fingers of his left hand on the right. Others write only two fingers, staring at the keyboard to not pressed the wrong key.

2 Use all your 10 fingers 

The next step is to learn how to properly place your fingers on the keyboard. If you look more closely at the keyboard, you will notice that on the F and J keys have embossed markers. They are there to help you find the right place fingertips without having to watch the keyboard. Index should be on the keys F and J, and the other fingers will fall into place naturally. Middle fingers are used to press a few keys on the keyboard while the index covering the middle of the keyboard. Navigation, punctuation and function keys are controlled primarily by the little finger. If you need help and exercise, visit sites like TypingClub or Typing Web.

3 Learn to write without looking keyboard 

The next advance is to learn to type without looking keyboard. In fact, experienced typists lose time should look to the keyboard. To perform this advice, however, you will need a week or two. Even if it is difficult, do not despair and do not stop practicing. First try to write a sentence without looking at the keyboard and try to remember the position of each letter. Do not worry if at first you need to you look. It will take time before you acquire this skill, but if you are determined, each day will become easier.

4 Use the basic shortcuts 

Once both hands are on the keyboard why waste time by moving one hand to use the mouse? Much better you will feel if you use keyboard shortcuts, and it will certainly improve your productivity. Of course, you do not need to learn by heart all keystrokes, but only the most common.

5 Practice Applications 

You do not have to acquiring these important skills is stressful for you. You can practice in the form of games. Here are some website where you will learn to write correctly and quickly on the keyboard while having fun - Keybr.Com, TypeRacer, Touch Typing Study and Learn Typing.