Far Cry 4 on track to become the fastest-selling part of the series

The new shooter Far Cry 4 has become the fastest selling titlein the series to date, Ubisoft in the UK and has all chances toachieve and worldwide, the company says GfK Chart-Track. Although Ubi has not yet declared the sales data, GfK Chart-Track argued that debut week Far Cry 4 market is better thanthat of each of the front three parts.

 "It is definitely the most successful to date, and its results are good for traditionally strong last quarter of the year," the company said. It seems that the greatest interest was PS4 version of Far Cry4, which is responsible for 49% of sales, while 30% of them fall to the XBOX One. The success of the game might not surprise Ubisoft, as the French company recently announced that there is "a genuine desire amongst gamers" finally get Far Cry 4."The interest in Far Cry 4 shows that it is now a brand thatcaptured the imagination and attention of the market," saidthen brand manager at Ubisoft Wayne Griynuol.