Korean scientist proposed a "black box" for computers

Former professor at Georgia Institute of Technology Kim JongMan presented to the public its invention - Server Black Box.The device is built into the computer system and preserves the history of hacker attacks. According to Kim Jong Man, this is the world's first modulardevice with similar functionality that is built into the computer.
Creating Server Black Box took the team led by formerProfessor, 2.5 years and about 1 million US dollars. The idea for this invention occurred on the basis of the "blackboxes" that are built into the aircraft. According to Kim JongMan, hacker attacks are becoming more sophisticated andorganized, and increasingly IT experts do not even notice that their computer networks are attacked. With the help of special software Server Black Box notices attacks, record them andnotify the system administrator. "So far the information abouthacker attacks only in writing in the documents given to judgesin cases Cybercrime" - notes former professor.
"Visual evidence may submit only recording device Server Black Box". 
Kim Jong Man graduated from the State University in Seoul,then worked at LG Electronics. Then taught at Georgia Institute of Technology. To develop Server Blackbox, he temporarily left the institute and found his own company Soteria System.