Microsoft introduced Windows 10

No, no mistake - the collection on 30.09 2014 in San Francisco, Microsoft officially revealed the first details of the next version of Windows, and contrary to expectations, it will be called Windows 9, but instead the company will go straight to number 10. Platform is known for its code-named Threshold, but everything personal that the company wants to depart from accepted with mixed feelings Windows 8 and a fresh start in the meantime won millions of users who still rely on Windows 7. Windows 10 will continue the unification the various products of the company and maintain devices from any product category - phones, tablets, PCs, workstations, etc. For each product type will have a different user interface, but they will have access to an app store. Metro applications (distributed through the Windows Store), now called universal and will work in the traditional desktop in a separate window. 
Mobile applications run in separate containers and can be used alongside conventional. Today's presentation focuses on the business and therefore the company did not reveal features that are popular among viewers. We have already seen the new start menu with the option to display Live Tiles, and besides it includes enhanced multitasking abilities to appeal to different types of users. For beginners who are accustomed to rely on the taskbar button is added new Task View, which shows a neatly open applications and gives access to the new feature for the use of virtual workspaces. There are new opportunities for splitting the screen between multiple applications (up to 4). Thought about working with hybrid devices and Microsoft technology adds Continuum, which will change the interface, depending on whether the device is operated only with a touchscreen or its related keyboard and mouse. In the spring of next year at the conference Build expect more details about Windows 10 and the final release will be later in 2015. Next year will be shared more details about the changes in the mobile operating system. Tomorrow will be available to download pre-test version for desktops and tablets, and later expect editions for servers and other devices.