Sophisticated malware threat has compromised more than 4.5 million. Devices

Malware threat to mobile devices with Android, known since2012-a year, received a serious upgrade, infecting millions ofdevices and networks in the US and worldwide. It turns out thatthe victims of the threat are more than 4.5 million. Devices. NotCompatible.C, heir to the threat, which acted as a proxyusually two years ago, shooting as NotCompatible.
A, receivedbrand new abilities, which makes it extremely difficult to detect and remove threats. One of the new capabilities of malwarereported by the company, providing services and products in the field of mobile services Lookout, lies in its ability to overcome Protected business networks and systems."NotCompatible.C is basically a botnet, which can be rented. The threat has system architecture implemented p2pcommunication with other infected devices, and also usesencryption to hide his relationship with Commander him. It wasthe last two characteristics threat, "wrote the blog of Lookout,"is the reason he can be defined as an advanced threatcomparable to Conficker ". Unlike most malware threats. share specialists, NotCompatible features a slim and sophisticated networkbilayer (two-tiered) architecture as a command server take advantage of special arrangements for precise screening of infected hosts and IP-addresses are grouped C & C servergeographically to facilitate their management, filtering accessto certain hosts authorized to gain access to a botnet network.Besides ease of management, this approach helps managingnetwork devices inifitsirani to hide better its presence. Not least encryption of communications traffic data presented in the form of a stream of binary data "invisible andindistinguishable from normal SSL, SSH or VPN traffic", reported by Lookout.