Shock! Al Qaeda: Bill Gates Must Die

The latest issue of the internet magazine of Al Qaeda "Inspire" is devoted to this step by step how to overcome security measures at airports and explode airliners writes. "New York Post". Furthermore jihadists want killings of known persons from the business community as the former head of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke and the richest man in the world Bill Gates. They should be killed.
Magazine. "Inspire" cited as potential targets aircraft carriers such as American, United, Continental and Delta airlines, but also the machines of British Airways, EasyJet and Air France Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) started this English-language edition of the World Wide Web in 2010 Its main objective is to attract the terrorist network of people living in Western countries Muslims.
In other articles are encouraged attacks by opening a shooting at a restaurant in Washington or using pickup for "decimation" of pedestrians.
The latest issue also implies the need to use jihadists acting as lone wolves, attacks in the United States and other Western countries in attacks on airliners is clear from the information on the site ,, which is the internal blog security of the United States. Also has details of how to make one bomb in the kitchen. Explicitly stressed that the explosive devices can be used not only for destroying planes and other targets by which to be "destroyed" Western economies.
"We publish these ordinary materials that are available for use around the world, including the United States," wrote the page of "Inspire".