"Screen of death" appeared in Windows Phone 8

The expert from the company F-Secure, Mikko Hypponen, published in his Twitter account a photo of a smartphone running under the management of Windows Phone. In this case unusual, perhaps, is the not the very fact of the existence of an error, and that the system proposes to insert the installation disc in the drive and restart the computer.

In many people as possible to express doubts about the authenticity of the images, but such a release are "reached" and other users of Windows Phone, also published similar photos.According to the newspaper WMPoweruser, the error is rare, but it is very real and can "visit" each holder of the machine running the new mobile operating system from Microsoft. According to some reports, even maintenance of Windows Phone is confirmed (or at least not refute) the occurrence of the error. 
Overall, the average consumer is unlikely to see such a text - at occurrence of cases was an unsuccessful attempt to modify the software. And if anyone still had doubts whether Windows Phone 8 is built on the NT kernel, it should be sufficient.