ViewSonic company

ViewSonic company officially presented its new 23.6-inch monitor VG2437Smc business class.
The device is based on MVA-panel LED lighting using LEDs with white. The screen has a matte finish antidazzle. The technology used SuperClear Pro, through which more accurately depict the colors and the images are more detailed.The monitor weighs 5.18 kg.
Of other technical parameters can enumerate resolution 1920x1080 pixels, contrast 3000: 1 pixel response 5 nanoseconds (GtG), maximum brightness of 250 candelas per square meter, viewing angles horizontally and vertically 178/178 degrees. Covered 95% of the color space sRGB.Consumption of electricity varies from 15,5 to 24,5 W.
The device has a webcam with a resolution of 2 megapixels, microphone with echo cancellation and two built-in 2W speaker with power each. At the bottom side has the following ports: three USB 2.0, DisplayPort, DVI-D, D-Sub, audio and video.
The new monitor supports the following technologies: Flicker-Free to eliminate flicker on the screen at any brightness and Blue Light Filter to reduce eye fatigue by reducing the blue part of the spectrum.
Monitor ViewSonic VG2437Smc can be purchased from the manufacturer's website at price $ 309.99.