Audi created an installation for producing diesel fuel from water and air

German carmaker Audi went one step further to create synthetic fuels from environmentally friendly components: water and carbon dioxide. The new fuel is called E-Diesel, and the Minister of Education of Germany load his official car with the fuel in front of journalists and viewers. 
Audi's first plant to produce synthetic diesel fuel was built in Dresden by the German startup-company Sunfire. The production cycle begins by obtaining electric power from renewable sources - wind, sun, which is then used to produce hydrogen from water by reverse electrolysis. Hydrogen is mixed with the carbon monoxide produced by carbon dioxide via two chemical process. Obtained from liquid hydrocarbons, which the manufacturer calls "blue oil" from which actually produces synthetic fuel E-Diesel.
The carbon dioxide for the production of the fuel is taken directly from the atmosphere and thus reduces the greenhouse effect.
The plant in Dresden now can produce 160 liters synthetic fuel a day shall increase the production capacity. The cost per liter of E-Diesel is in the range of 1 to 1.5 Euros and not much higher than traditional diesel fuel.