Filming on Assassin's Creed begin in September

The pictures on the film adaptation of the historical action adventure Assassin's Creed will start in early autumn. This confirmed the actor Michael Fassbender (Promeheus, 300, X-Men: First Class), which should be in the lead role.Fassbender said that the start of production will be launched in September, which actually fits into preliminary plans of Ubisoft, the French company said that at the beginning of the year.On the set the actor will meet with the winner of the "Oscar" Marion Cotillard and director Justin Kurtz, under whose leadership the two played in MacBeth.Role Cotillard in the film is still unknown, but it largely applies to this the very Fassbender.
Asked whether he will play the character Deyzmand Miles, the actor refused to comment and did not provide information about which period of the series will be used in the adaptation.Asked about repeated delays in the start of filming, the actor responsible way:"You say that drags on for a long time, but for me it is something new, but we must not forget that writing a script takes time. It takes time to create a good story and we all want to get it right" .Currently, the film in Assassin's Creed should appear in theaters on December 21, 2016 It is a joint production of Ubisoft Motion Pictures and 20th Century Fox.