Microsoft releases free translator of 50 languages

Google Translate has a new serious competitor in the face of Microsoft Translator. The software giant launched its new service that will be available with separate apps for Android, iOS, Android Wear and Apple Watch, reported the online edition of CNET. This means that the interpreter can be used on virtually any mobile device with internet connection.
The application supports both translation through text input and by voice. And while Google Translate only supports 27 languages, Microsoft Translator can translate in 50 languages. Among them is Bulgarian. Until now, Microsoft had a similar service for Bing and application by Skype Translator, which will soon become part of himself Skype. It seems the company now feels confident enough in the quality of the translations, it can be used by as many people. Microsoft Translator will be particularly useful for owners of smart watches. They can use their devices for translators and see the translation of spoken words. All settings are automatically synchronized between your smartphone and watch, so there is no need to make twice. The company utochnava that the application is independent and not connected with the voice assistant Cortana, Skype Translator or any other similar developments. However, it uses the same infrastructure and cloud services as other systems.The app is free and is yet to be improved including through the addition of more languages, comment from Microsoft.