Here's how to find out who is watching your Facebook profile!

Since Facebook saw the light of day, one of the most popular options is the one that can show you who has seen your profile.Well, congratulations! You can now check and then a few seconds!Video tutorial posted on Youtube these days, literally blew the network. It shows how you can inquire which people come into your profile, and only a few steps!
The method is as follows:
Log into your Facebook profile.Pressing the right mouse click and select View Page Source / Page Source

Press Ctrl + F and enter "Friendlist"
Once you find it, you need to find a series of codes, such as "XXXXXXXXXX-2"
Copy the first part of the code without -2
Log on to and add / peystvate code
Press Enter and voila! - The account is opened.
Following the publication of the video sparked a number of comments that are not actually the profiles of people who are watching your personal profile and your friends, you communicate with the most.