Huge wall of fans will turns carbon dioxide into synthetic fuel

Canadian company Carbon Engineering prepares for commissioning of its first plant for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into synthetic fuel. The system works by vigorously bubbling air through a liquid which absorbs carbon dioxide and converts it into salts.
The thus obtained salts can conveniently be stored and used for the production of synthetic fuel. The dimensions of the installation can be increased and reduced within a wide range. "We have to do something with constantly rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of our planet" - said David Whale, president of Carbon Engineering and professor at Harvard University. "In addition to clearing the atmosphere, we offer a new way to produce synthetic fuel that can be used in vehicles, as well as to provide additional energy." Carbon Engineering presented the first pilot plant in Canada, which will reach its full capacity this year and in the years 2017-2108 will be put into operation the first commercial plant that will produce around 10,000 barrels (1.59 million liters) synthetic fuel . Many experts found the idea interesting and if to drive fans to use solar energy, the production of synthetic fuel can be not so expensive.