iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: you bend devices and first drop-test them

Already begun worldwide sales of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. And while the US is a night Australians have already tested the devices of Apple. Of course, the first test try to answer the question of the durability of the apparatus.Flagships of the company have already passed the drop test, checking how the problem can be casing the iPhone 6 Plus (bendgate) on its flexibility, which is characterized by PHABLET 2015.
New Zealanders of FoneFox tested pink iPhone 6s Plus, which is tested for its resistance to bending and to understand how to transition to the new aluminum 7000 series has helped PHABLET of Apple to become more healthy. Judging by the efforts that have made the boys from the video, the device has become much more firmly.Even two pairs of hands reshape the housing of the device with great effort. It becomes clear that the smartphone has become significantly harder - Apple has taken account of this shortcoming and s-version of the device is not to repeat the mistake of the past.But is this influence on its resistance to fall?iPhone 6s and iPhone Plus 6s are scrapes from the asphalt, falling from the height of the pocket (slightly above, but it is the most common level of which fall our smartphones) on the rear, where widgets have stood the test - not received serious damage. The fall of the flagship from 2015 was also amazingly well with visible damage in the form of a small indentation and slight deformation in the headphone jack of the iPhone 6s.Fall on the screen was not pleasing either the classic iPhone, nor PHABLET - praise the "most durable glass" may become more firmly, but in reality still break a fall. Data from the tests show that the cabinet has become visibly more healthy, so that minor falls, Apple's flagship will most likely endure without serious injury. But if widget meet with the solid surface of the screens, then the probability is high glass they be crushed. Unfortunately, none of the tests do not allow us to understand whether working definition of compressive force (3D Touch tehnology), if glass is broken.