Lenovo again Spyware installed on their computers

So far, Lenovo's twice been accused of installing unwanted software on user computers. It seems that this has no impact on Lenovo, because the same happens again. This time it is assumed that Lenovo sells information on the activity of users, and analytical marketing companies.
It turned out that Lenovo restored some computers installed program Lenovo Customer Feedback Program 64, which should collect feedback from users about the quality of online services to Lenovo.The program almost every day sent their reports, but at the same time experts who worked on the computers Lenovo's claim that they have never used this program and are given feedback about the computers of Lenovo. A subsequent inspection showed in the directory C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Lenovo \ Customer Feedback Program program Lenovo.TVT. CustomerFeedback. Agent.exe, and in the same directory there are three files - a dll library and configuration files. In Wikipedia says that Omniture is a company for marketing and web analysis and SiteCatalyst is their site for data processing.
Thus realized that the everyday activity of the Lenovo Customer Feedback Program 64 consists of sending data from user sites visited and applications used. Lenovo even warned about it by text user agreement