Farewell with Windows 8: Today the MS stops support for "Eight"

On yesterday's date, January 12, 2015, was officially terminated support for "clean" Windows 8 OS, but almost simultaneously with its end from Microsoft announced that stop and maintenance of older versions of the browser Internet Explorer. In other words, from now on will be maintained only version of Internet Explorer 11.
Here it may be noted that Internet Explorer 11 in all respects is the latest version of the company's browser with the same name.Ie except that this is the most current edition of IE, more browsers under this brand will be placed as future developers Micosoft will focus exclusively on the development of the newest browser company Edge. The application Internet Explorer 11 will, however, continue to be maintained in the future, as it will put the security updates will fix bugs and solve compatibility issues. According to official information from Microsoft, the browser will be supported for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In this regard, by Micosoft recommend that IE users to upgrade their browser to the latest version to protect to the maximum extent possible their computers from security threats.