Mimicker Alarm - Reliable mobile alarm clock according to Microsoft

Latest machine learning technology to Microsoft find interesting application in unusual software Android-alarm Mimicker Alarm, which raises far more efficient than conventional telephone alarms. How exactly? With the game, of course. Outside is so cold that morning, did not you want to get out from under the warm covers. Therefore, even when the alarm they known it was time to get up, you simply stop and keep sweet nap in bed ... and this can lead to serious trouble with the bosses. Of course, the latter is highly undesirable for people who value their careers, so the company Microsoft launched interesting "garage" project, which harnesses the latest in the company's machine learning technology that recently prevaplatiha sites for automatic recognition of age and the emotions of the people. Now reincarnation takes the form of interesting and potentially very useful Android- application. It is called Mimicker Alarm and quite, not yet another mobile alarm as perhaps one would have imagined the name.
Rather than rely on various combinations of sound and music signals, Mimicker Alarm offers a brand new option for arousal, which is likely to be far more effective - for example, to play a game. In fact, the annex includes three games that the user can activate after the usual beep alarm, but the aim is one - to improve mood and wake final user. Here's how they describe in Microsoft:
"Express Yourself In the game your task is to make your Self as well as re-create a certain emotion. In Color Capture need to photograph an object with a color, but in Tongue Twister The objective is to repeat the phrase, whose ruling takes some effort. "
The performance of any of these tasks the user has 30 seconds from switching off alarm. If it does not fit into the allotted time, waking signal repeat as the system assumes that the user is asleep again. In other words, the only way to turn off the alarm, is by performing the task, and as you play, awakening is guaranteed. In conclusion remains to add that Mimicker Alarm is the newest department implemented Microsoft Garage, which uses the company's API initiative Project Oxford, which are based and the above-mentioned Web services. The source code of this new mobile application is published by Microsoft and GitHub as an example the use of API Project Oxford, suitable for all developers who are interested in the project. If you want to try out flawlessly alarm Mimicker Alarm, you can do so by downloading the free application from the online store Google Play.