The most geeky and exotic coolers PC

PC enthusiasts are notorious for their unconventional and often crazy ideas when it comes to the motto "Let's frame rate to be high and low temperatures." In the following we will look at a few interesting examples of the ingenious approach of some people, although it is questionable how practical are these masterpieces of the imagination. 

Router with water cooling

Probably the first thing you ask yourself about this case is - why does require special cooling peripherals for the router? You can go to DD-WRT firmware on the router CPU and overclock it, you can significantly increase your Wi-Fi signal. Here, of course, comes the second logical question - why is water-cooled? Hmm, but why not?
Here it is a radiator!

Do not fall for cooling water of electronics? Do not worry! Can cool the router and with the more traditional methods, for example using a heat sink, which is the size of the router itself.

Raspberry juice down temperature

The $ 35 Raspberry Pi micro-PC comes with a systematic menu dedicated specifically for overclocking the chip. And it should not seem strange that the system does not need water cooling. As you can follow from the following topic, if still be placed block water-cooled and liquid itself is colored like raspberry, this is already an achievement.

Irn Bru PC - Highlander

Irn Bru is the most popular drink in Scotland (except jump, of course) and somehow it does not seem strange to be used for cooling the PC. The liquid itself is not Irn Bru, but was made to remind, as you can see in the following YouTube videos.

Asus GX700 - angular power from another dimension

Mobile GTX 980 graphics card is unprecedented beast that does not compromise performance for desktop cousin. But to harness this performance, Asus do something unprecedented in itself with GX700 gaming laptop - put his water cooling. Alas, water cooling is not working continuously and if you have already looked at the photograph, you know that is not even located in the laptop. So when you want performance, attach rabatoto something (dock with water cooling) for the laptop and all the power flows followed by the sound of a horn and flashing lights (literally).

PC-th as art

If you think the cooling system of the GX700 a strange, then look only MAXXPlanck V2 modification. User Show4Pro forum is the author of this masterpiece, including reduced size, that does not require so serious finances.
Behemoth in a quiet and wind

Two video cards, 32GB RAM, three hard drive, an SSD, quad-core processor and 0-dB sound of this behemoth. How is it that so productive RS is quieter than the wind? Be absolutely silent ?!By four radiator of a car (each with eight silent fan) handmade grill of copper pipes, several closed cooler and 14 liters of water, which is circulated and to maintain a temperature no higher than 25 degrees. This is enthusiasm. And as you can see, the whole system seems as removed from the BioShock universe. Bow ...

680 iGAME Nvidia GTX - impossible love

The more powerful a graphics card, the more heat and noise issues. This is simple physics. Video cards as Radeon Fury X or EVGA GTX Hydro Copper compensate with integrated cooling system with liquid, but iGAME GTX 680 Colorful company chooses a different approach, integrating giant radiator with 20 copper pipes. Unfortunately, the whole idea represents the impossible love of core PC enthusiasts with this Goliath of cooling, but at least we are left with the memory of official (and only) disclosure of the video card at Computex 2012.

Aquarium PC - when the water cooling is not sufficient

There are many water coolers, but there is water cooled - "water," as it is submerged entire PC in a mineral bath. Yes, this is a real PC, running and more productive. Boutique enthusiasts from Puget Systems offer similar systems since 2007, if you have the desire and the resources to make aquarium PC. But note that Puget Systems will make the configuration instead of you. The findings leave open.