Virtual reality will "explode" in the coming years

The market for hardware and software for virtual reality will reach 70 billion dollars at the end of the decade, predicts research firm TrendForce. According to experts, this industry is still in a rudimentary state. Relying on the interest of consumers, more and more companies are included in the competition on the market of virtual reality (VR). The emergence of new players leads to an increase in the number of relevant applications and to diversify the market.
Forecast TrendForce indicates that next year sales of VR hardware and software will reach 6.7 billion. Dollars and by 2020 the companies in this business will serve the market for 70 billion dollars. Currently the market is at an early stage, on the verge of explosive growth, driven by accessible applications that allow easy creation, publishing and viewing videos with elements of VR. Once the mass consumer social networks get these tools will start boom that seen in pictures and video. The increased volume of content, in turn, will lead to an increase in the number of users. This would be a spiral in the development, with positive feedback