Washington's sanctions against Russia because of hacker interference in elections

In the last weeks of his stay in the White House, the Obama administration imposed new sanctions against Russia in response to the possible role of Moscow sponsored by hackers in the US presidential election. The sanctions relate to six individuals and five federal agencies, including the Federal Service of Security (FSB) and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Army (GRU). Washington declared persona non grata 35 diplomats from the Russian embassy who are branded as employees of the intelligence services. According to the White House these sanctions come after a series of warnings to the Russian authorities and are necessary and adequate response to concerted efforts by Moscow to undermine US interests, writes The Verge. It will also be closed two Russian sites in the states of New York and Maryland, which are used by Russian officials to gather intelligence.
The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that sanctions are counterproductive and undermine the restoration of bilateral relations.