New virus "rummaging" through Facebook

On Facebook there is a new virus. It is harmful code from a friend's profile in the social network to link takes you to a web page or called. virtual stores. By clicking on this link and become "infected." He usually lures with titles like: "See what you think of your Facebook friends," "See who has visited your profile on Facebook," "Who monitors your profile" and similar.Expert in Information Security explained that we must be very careful because the consequences could be serious. Among the damages are external person to take control of your computer to steal banking information and other. If clicking virus should scan your computer to see if we are infected. If you have already "swallowed a bug" may take certain measures. "Unfortunately, no one knows how many things you can do to get rid of the virus.
But you can certainly delete posts that are not of you, but have appeared on your wall and are doubtful. Accordingly, it is good to review security settings on Facebook and try to limit this type of posts. However there is no magic situation you solve your problem with one click. It's that simple. you have to be careful. We should not clique indiscriminately, whether comes from known on Facebook or not. You have to select and decide, "The specialist explained that there is a way and free services through websites where a link to check whether it is malicious or not. One of these sites is to check for example
Accordingly, if you have a suspicious file that is already downloaded on your computer can also be sent there to check that contains a virus.
Sometimes there is a delay to detect malicious links, sometimes the information is not updated recall specialists.