2-in-1 hybrids will save the PC market, IDC believes

While tablets were again the minority at MWC 2017, the hybrid laptops enjoyed greater interest and this is not accidental. According to marketing firm IDC, namely 2-in-1 models are still popular enough, despite the decline in sales of the PC market. Therefore, the company provides at least until 2021 just to this category falls the difficult task to save, or at least slow down the ongoing move of sales in the PC segment.
The bad news by IDC, however, that global sales of computers in all their varieties - desktops, laptops and hybrid - will continue to decline over the next four years. So the key role belongs to the new generation of hybrids that feature touchscreen displays, ultra slim and minimal weight. They are emerging as an alternative to raditional laptops and are preferred by those users who want both mobility and productivity. According to analysts, the coming years will be a period of transition, as the rise of VR and AR systems may again result in vogue powerful desktops.