AI will take care of the health of the cows

Scientists from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany) have developed a special collar for cows InnoCow, which determines their levels of activity and the state of their health. By using the sensors on the collar collect data about the frequency and the amount of movement, and also to accept food from the cows. Using the database, self-learning algorithms to calculate, for example, disease, or desire to mate ruminants.
The monitoring results will be received on a smartphone or computer. C using this collar, farmers will be able to locate each cow and get all the necessary information defining the optimal individual amount of food.
A system of sensors and monitoring of the health of the cows will remind fitness applications to determine the physical condition and health. Only in the first case, health indicators and activity of ruminants will be registered regardless of the location of the animal (during grazing cattle or milking).
C using a collar InnoCow, farmers will easily assess the condition of individual animals and optimize milk production, but also will significantly reduce costs for insemination. The other important factor is that the collar will enable the detection of animal diseases at an early stage. In the future, web-based application will allow remote control of the herd.