Cisco is developing a platform for inexpensive network hardware

The networking giant Cisco is developing an operating system for older and cheaper models routers, said The Information, citing informed sources from the company. Lindt platform allows implementation of even the most complex network functions of budget and outdated Cisco devices. At the next stage the new OS will be released and devices from other manufacturers. Thanks to Lindt, companies will be able to give up expensive network equipment in favor of devices operating with cheap chips. 
Cisco partners believe that the new OS will help the company strengthen its position in the software sector and to increase the value of your brand. When the software is more affordable and more portable (portable on different devices), customers can update it at his discretion, regardless of the equipment they use. Thanks to this flexibility in the use of software and the ability to change the platform, Cicso will become more attractive company, says CRN. On the other hand, shifting the focus from the equipment can negatively affect Cisco, consider some partners of the company. But in the longer term this is unlikely to negatively affect sales of Cisco.
Cisco's hardware business suffered from strong competition to companies like Juniper Networks and therefore reducing the cost of telecom operators and corporate customers. In times of declining demand for routers and switches, Cisco is focused on growing segments such as Information Security, Internet of Things and cloud services.