Imagination Technologies will provide future iPhone graphics from a very high level

The creator of graphics chips for iOS devices - the company Imagination Technologies unveiled a new high-performance graphics processor microarchitecture with the PowerVR Furian. According to the manufacturer, the new GPU offers unprecedented graphics power and is designed for integration into advanced mobile processors with integrated graphics.
The architecture PowerVR Furian provides from 70 to 90 percent acceleration in games, including a 35% acceleration in the processing of shaders and 80% increase in the rate of fill of the pixels. The comparison was made to the previous graphics accelerator Series7XT Plus, based architecture PowerVR Rogue. Along with the increase in productivity, PowerVR Furian consumes less power and extended runtime at smartphones and other mobile devices. Imagination adds that chip architecture PowerVR Furian support 4K graphics, and may be based on the next iPhone, to carry out intensive graphics tasks, including technology complemented and virtual reality, and machine learning.
The announcement of the first graphics processor with PowerVR Furian architecture is planned for mid-2017. It is not used in the iPhone 8 will start to be embedded in smartphones in 2018.