Lyft drivers received 100 mln. USD tips for the last nine months

To Lyft driver turns out to be quite profitable, judging by the latest data from the company's shared service. Lyft announced that for the past five years its drivers have received over 200 million dollars in tips. Interestingly, while the accumulation of the first 100 million were needed almost five years, but only for nine months doubled the amount sown. 
"200 million dollars is a huge proof of service that guides offer us every day," the company said. 
For this success has certainly contributed failures as #DeleteUber campaign and other problems that befell main competitor Uber, but the fact is that Lyft enjoys increasing popularity. Study the marketing company Ipsos, conducted this month, Lyft defines as "cool, reliable and friendly" service compared to other options for carpool. Lyft currently offers its services in over 100 cities worldwide.