New Video to Mass Effect Andromeda presents the first 13 minutes of the game

With games like Halo Wars 2, Horizon: None Dawn, Prey, Detroit: Become Human and Squadron 42 (and possible occurrence of Star Wars Battlefront 2), fans of the sci-fi genre can be happy with what they offer the gaming industry this year. But the title certainly stand out here and this is undoubtedly Mass Effect Andromeda. The game will provide a vast world, many opportunities and boundless universe. Recently appeared on the video to the game, thanks to IGN could see the first 13 minutes of the title. Here you can see Ryder Scott and his father - a simulated adaptive matrix or Sam, Captain Cora and the doctor, whose voice is well known. And of course, the team faced in the first minute with his first crisis. The video presents some of the basic mechanisms, such as the influence of the tone of voice of character. The Tempest provides an easy view of the star map while using the Nomad you will be able to tour the star fields and to protect yourself from the harsh weather conditions on them. The possibilities for customization, choices and possibilities seem endless, and every your decision is important here. It is from you and your behavior depends on the expansion of Nexus, stellar station that serves you home when you are outside your ship. This in turn will allow the awakening of more colonists to help in communicating with the locals.
Mass Effect: Andromeda out of 23.03. in Europe.