Startup attracted $ 5 million for a robot that can do thousands of types of salads

The young company Chowbotics received funding in the amount of $ 5,000,000 for the creation of robots in the field of catering. These machines will cook food in restaurants, hotels, airports, shopping centers and hospitals. The basic design of the robot is Chowbotics Sally, which may be prepared over one thousand different types of salad. The founder and CEO of the company Deepak Sequard said that the robot will be ready later this spring. For this project his company garnered investments of serious $ 5,000,000. So far this robot is not suitable for use in the home and, according to the creator of this smart device like pet robots will emerge over the next five years. He makes an analogy with personal computers - to get into homes they took about ten years. The robot Sally will be fielded in restaurants and Mama Mia Campbell of California in San Francisco Galvanize and coffee chain H-E-B Grocery Co in Texas. Robotics gradually went into the restaurant business. Last summer in San Francisco opened a robotic machine for burgers and coffee machines have long been known. Over the next two years is planned robot chef Flippy company Miso Robotics