There is a large market for flexible devices

In the coming five years the market for flexible displays will exceed 200 bln. Dollars over the next decade will increase to 300 bln. Dollars, predicts research firm Futuresource Consulting. The market currently attend devices with limited flexibility. Their displays are bent during production and consumers are unable to change the screen format according to your desires. Examples of such devices are curved TVs and smartphones Samsung Edge.
But the industry is close to the next stage, which will appear truly flexible devices capable of freely bend and change shape. This change will happen in the next one or two years. In particular, they are expected smartphones that turn into tablets, as well as folding panels for TVs and presentations. Consumer electronics emerged as the biggest area of deployment of flexible displays, as inside it will dominate smartphones. Futuresource predicts that by 2026 more than a quarter of the available smartphones in the world will have flexible screens, thanks to which these devices will become unbreakable.