They revealed a row malvartayzing campaign to adult sites

Soon he had not heard of active malvartayzing campaign, but that changed this week after MalwareBytes alarmed to conduct successful campaign to deliver malicious advertising to British and Canadian visitors to the pages of adult sites. 
The authors of the attacks using popular network for the delivery of online advertising, known set to exploit vulnerabilities and Trojan program from the family of Ramnit. To visitors on these pages were presented popups when you click on any of the items on the page. Usually, shared by MalwareBytes, like pop-ups represent harmless ads on other sites for adults. In this case, however, clicking on the message system of the victim is profiled and redirected to a page housed exploit kit RIG, which continues with the process of infection and delivery of Ramnit the system. Experts contacted online network - ExoClick - which was used to conduct the attack.
Jerome secure than MalwareBytes believes that an effective method to prevent successful attacks malvartayzing use of blocker of advertising. Along with this, of course, the antivirus solution also helps.
"Blocker of advertising is quite effective as a first line of defense, while protection products will eliminate attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and malware. One solution is not enough, however, and in fact both programs complement rather well, "said Segura in an interview SecurityWeek.
"Malvartayzingat not a threat directed solely to the average consumer, in the sense that every day exposed to the risk of malicious online advertising, whether it's at home or in the workplace. Online criminals use ad networks to insert malicious redirects. Using effective opportunities to target consumers by publishers of online advertising malvartayzingat becoming a highly successful mechanism for targeted and accurate delivery of malicious code. This nachchin malicious advertising presentation to the average user and the representatives of the business may be different (as a message - author), while its malicious '' "warns Segura.