A new type of accumulator batteries may be used for cooling electronic components

A joint team of IBM Research Laboratory Zurich and ETH Zurich, Switzerland, created a new type of battery with two electrolyte. According to the developers, the new battery can serve as both a source of electrical power and cooling for the hot components of computing devices. It is possible to tightly spaced vertical chip to save space and energy. In the new batteries using two electrolyte circulating in the loop. The batteries simultaneously cooling the chips and provide them with electricity.
New batteries are very thin - just 1.5 mm and allow for the creation of a "sandwich" of batteries and chips.
Under the new element is pretty good: 1,4 W per square centimeter and is sufficiently mobile power plants. The disadvantage of this type of battery is the need to ensure circulation of the two electrolytes, which also requires energy. Now working on reducing the consumption of this energy.
So far, scientists have only shown that this concept works - both chips are cooled and powered. But the energy of the new batteries is still not enough for modern electronic conditions have improved prototypes.

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