If you see an emulator for Nintendo Switch, do not download it

The popularity of Nintendo Switch is based on a single game that has a version for the front console of the company, but the fact is a fact - many people are looking for the system. Some have no problem paying for it, while others prefer the easy way and are ready to go along the path of emulation.

Only this time will not lead them to anything good.

Emulator for Nintendo Switch is not available. I know it, you know it, but a surprisingly high number of naive users do not know it. Everything you encounter on the internet with the claim that it will allow you to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild or any other game Switch on the computer is a scam. It can cause you to install a dangerous program, pay extra money, or fill in a meaningless poll.
And if it sounds too ridiculous for someone to catch on, do not rush. Personally, the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has issued a special warning to avoid any fraud related to an emulator for the Nintendo Switch. The regulator even made several suggestions for behavior; Especially the fourth is just sweet: 
Do not download anything that says it's a Nintendo Switch emulator.
Do not complete the survey to get a "unlock code." That's a red flag for a scam.
Keep your security software current. Set it to update automatically. Installing unknown programs can lead to malware. Play Nintendo Switch at your friend's house until you can buy the real one yourself.
But the joke aside, be careful and do not click on anything that promises you a shortcut to the Nintendo Switch catalog.

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