Microsoft acquires Deis

Microsoft announced plans of acquiring Deis Inc., startup specializing in the development of innovative tools for open management platform containers Kubernetes. This was announced personally by Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft and president of corporate and cloud unit in the company., Which determine Deis, as a company, "is central to the transformation processes related to containerization."
Containerisation recall of Silicon Angle, makes the lives of developers and operational teams easier by encapsulation of configurations and code them so that it can be performed anywhere. The process requires, however, by significant levels of automation, order delivery and processing of data to move smoothly. Here the platforms and orchestration of processes in containers, such as Kubernetes, a project of Google, which provides the organization of middle and automation process.
Here is where Deis. Among the company's projects, which Deis will continue to work after the completion of the acquisition by Microsoft, are found the names of Helm, packet and Application Manager, Workflow, flexible system for identification and management of containers and Steward, broker services acting on the middle of Kubernetes. "From the early days of containerization birth to Kubernets, Deis always strived to build and contribute to open technologies that make the lives of developers easier in the construction and maintenance of applications," said on the occasion of the transaction Chief Technology Manager Deis Gebriel Monroy. With the acquisition of Deis, Microsoft intends to integrate instruments related to Kubernetes into existing cloud and data center systems based on konteynerizatsionniya process. It is expected that the technology of Deis benefit platforms, built on Linux and Windows Server Containers, and Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service.

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