WikiLeaks publishes Marble - software CIA to hide the true source of attacks

On Friday, March 31, Web portal WikiLeaks published the third part of the secret information mAh CIA.This section is named Marble and sheds light on the methods used by the CIA to hide their activity in koberprostranstvoto and masking the true source of hacker attacks.
The third series of documents contains 676 files with the source code of software secret Marble Framework for misleading the criminal expertise. This software contains encryption code obfuskator programs and special software compression to hide the source of malicious code.
Marble Framework has a number of algorithms that deliberately adding foreign words in the source code of programs. The text in a foreign language must confuse investigations and send them on a false trail. With this tool CIA may mask their attacks as attacks on Russian, North Korean and other hackers.
In the published files found words of Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Farsi and others. WikiLeaks stresses in particular that with the help of Marble Framework CIA can demonstrate that the native language of the creator of a computer virus is not English, and as Chinese. The source code of Marble Framework contains a decoder obfuskatora, and according to WikiLeaks, the tool is used by 2016.

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