Instagram again became a victim of hackers

The popular social photo sharing network, Instagram, again has problems with hackers. The company has announced that hackers have taken part of the personal data of some of its most popular users, Engadget and Mashable online publications reported. A new Facebook virus steals user passwords. can be hacked to hurt people. This time, the problem is a problem in one of Instagram software packages that can be used by developers and application creators. Because of this, "one or more" hackers have been able to pick up the phone numbers and email addresses of an unspecified number of users with verified Instagram accounts. Who are the most dangerous celebrities on the Internet? The company says the problem has been detected and removed. She adds that other user data, including their passwords, is protected and has not been taken by hackers. However, the company does not specify the number of accounts whose numbers and emails are compromised. Instead, she says she sends notifications to all users with verified accounts. This means either that the number of compromised accounts is quite large or that Instagram still does not know the real scale of the problem.

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