The Supreme British judge has called London for clarity on Brexit

Lord David Neuberger fears that if the British Parliament does not explain how judges in the country interpret the judgments of the European Court, they will have to improvise. The UK's highest-ranking judge said the London government should provide more clarity on how British law will develop after Brexit. Currently, UK legislation is the subject of judgments handed down by the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Justice. "The British Parliament should be" very clear "in informing judges about how to deal with EC rulings after the UK leaves the EU," said Lord David Neeberger, the chairman of the British Supreme Court before the BBC. He added that judges should not be accused of misinterpretation if instructions from the authorities in London are unclear. Prime Minister Teresa May is of the opinion that the European Court should not have jurisdiction over the UK after the country leaves the Block.
Neuberger, who will withdraw from office next month, urges more guidance on how judges in the UK should do so. "If the government does not explain clearly what the judges should do about the European Court's judgments after Brexit or some other subject after Brexit, then the judges will just have to do their best," said the chairman of the British Supreme Court and added : "Accusing the judges, however, that they are forging right when the parliament failed to do so would be unfair."
The European Court of Justice is in fact the EU Supreme Court and observes the application and interpretation of European law. The decisions of this court are binding on all Member States of the Block. When the UK leaves the EU, the European Court of Justice will continue to develop its law in all areas - from consumer rights to discrimination, from offsetting airline passengers to transgender rights. 

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