Western Digital purchased the Upthere company

Western Digital has long been offering a variety of local physical data storage solutions suitable for creating archives and repositories. Thanks to the new acquisition, WD will also offer cloud storage for information. Western Digital has announced it has purchased Upthere, which is known for its data synchronization applications and photos between different computer devices. WD intends to improve and develop the online service. Upthere was founded in 2011, but its first application was presented to the general public only in 2015. Since then, there has been virtually no information about this company.
The main application of Upthere promises an easy process of file synchronization coupled with search. In this market, competition is great, with similar services offered by Google, Apple, Microsoft and others. After purchasing, Upthere will continue to work but within Western Digital and will continue to develop its new algorithms, features and products. So far, there is no information about whether to integrate Upthere software and Western Digital hard drives, as well as other storage device companies. So far, Western Digital has been limited by the statement that Upthere will improve the portfolio with new cloud solutions.

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