Artificial Intelligence writes the next Game of Thrones book

Have you tired of waiting George R.R. Martin to finish another book in the series "Fire and Ice" - in this case "Winds of the Winter"? Now a software engineer named Zak Tut has a solution for all the impatient. He used artificial intelligence to try to write the book instead of Martin, colleagues from the Motherboard reported. The Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) has read all 5,376 pages of the first five books (I did not succeed) * and started writing the sixth part of it.
The results are interesting, though not very grammatical. Toton has given the Artificial Intelligence a word with which to begin each chapter of the book and then asked for an exact number of RNN words for each chapter. The neural network has been left to create. You can read the first five chapters in GitHub. Among the better hits of the machine is the prediction that Cerssey will be killed by his brother, James Lannister, and another interesting theory is the poisoning of Denery by the counselor and Varis. Of course, the real book Martin will ever publish will tell a fairly different story, but for all Thorn fans, this experiment is undoubtedly interesting. Toton says that despite the massive amount of information, RNN would work better with 100 times more volume (even Steven King did not write that much) and with a simpler vocabulary (how simpler it is, fantasy, though) *. Among the other problems of the network-writer is the resurrection of heroes who are dead and putting them in places where they can not or should not be.
"Martin is quite descriptive in his writing, so extra adjectives, as well as the numerous names of fictional places, make the network go wrong," said Tout. Which can only delight the writer and his fans - yet if the artificial intelligence begins to write solid fantasy books, it will mean an end to writing as we know it. And how fans will take autographs from AI?

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