BMW showed the electric prototype of Mini

The all-electric Mini car sounds like something that will make electromobiles even more popular and make them more affordable. That's why the idea of ​​an electric version of a cult urban car sounds so exciting. Now, finally, we know how this model will look, thanks to the conceptual images that BMW officially presented. 

And while the Mini retains its cult front with round headlamps, the new electric version also includes design changes that have to emphasize its electrical nature. The color scheme is silver and yellow, borrowed from the Mini E - Early Experiment of BMW, which laid the foundation for the i3. The enormous E logo stands on the front doors and the headlamps are similar to a charging plug. A similar logo is also present on the front grille, smartly duplicating E with the plug in question. Stamps are a performance as part of the British Union Jack flag and at the same time also represent stylized E.
The 19-inch aerodynamic wheels have been produced using a 3D printer. The same applies to most complex aerodynamic surfaces on the prototype. BMW has shown different ideas for an Electric Mini for at least a decade, and remains to see if they will eventually become a reality. The machine should appear in mass production in 2019.

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