TCL will raise a Palm handheld computer

China's technology company TCL is already familiar with its bold statements - we recently heard that BlackBerry will be back on the market with new devices and it actually happened. The company recently released the KEYone smartphone and proved its serious intentions.
According to Android Planet, the Chinese are planning to re-market another brand that has become a cult in the technology world - Palm. New devices with this brand should be available next year. TCL bought Palm in 2014, four years after HP acquired brand ownership and stopped production in just a year because of low performance. It looked like a tragic end for Palm - who were on the top in the late 90s and early 2000s with their PDAs and smartphones. It seems next year that the brand will resurrect new devices with unidentified numbers. Unfortunately, the information is exhausted by this - we do not know exactly what these devices will be - smartphones, tablets or anything else but in an interview with Android Planet, marketing company chief Stefan Strait said that the new Palm will be targeted at consumers, used to working with old devices from the end of the last century. What this means for design and functionality - is not yet clear. 
We can safely assume Palm will work with Android, just like the BlackBerry KEYone smartphone on TCL. The original operating system that Palm has developed - webOS, is currently owned by LG - Koreans continue to use it on their tablets and smart TVs.

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