1.4 billion people will use 5G networks in 2025

China, the United States and Japan will occupy more than half of the links. The number of fifth-generation (5G) users will grow by an average of 232% between 2019 and 2025, according to a forecast by Juniper Research. In the first year of the period under review, only 1 million users will be connected to 5G, but subscribers of the fifth-generation networks will finally reach 1.4 billion people, analysts expect.
China, the United States and Japan are among the leaders in 5G connections, which together will account for 55% of the total number of 5G connections in 2025. In the US, more than 30% of 5G connections by IoT devices .
In order to become a newcompetitive optic technology, mobile operators will have to carry out massive testing of their 5G networks in real-life conditions, Juniper Research notes. Networks that can deliver maximum bandwidth and link reliability will deliver the most- a high ARPC indicator (average revenue per subscriber), which will allow operators to regain faster investment in 5G, the analysis concludes.

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