Voice Assistant Alexa runs Nissan

Opens and closes the doors of the car, starts and stops the engine. New Nissan cars have been supported by Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant, which will help drivers manage some of their car's functions. For example, Alexa will allow Nissan owners to lock and unlock the doors remotely, start and stop the engine, turn on and off the lights, and give signals.
In order to use the voice command, users must first ask Alexa to connect to the car - with the command "Alexa, Connect to my Altima with NissanConnect Services", then they can issue different commands, such as Alexa, Tell NissanConnect Services to start my Altima ".
At the moment, Alexa allows partial management of Nissan Altima (2016-17), Nissan Maxima (2016-17), Nissan Murano (2017), Nissan Pathfinder (2017-18), Nissan Rogue (2016, 2017) Nissan TITAN (2017-17), Nissan TITAN (2016-17), Nissan GT-R (2017) and Nissan Armada (2018), the Japanese company said. Next year, BMW cars will also get Alexa support. In addition to the usual features, the voice assistant can also manage music playback, ring, send messages, set routes, and more.

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